A Book for All and None

“This novel of love, madness and creativity is written with eloquence and artistry” Mail on Sunday

“Morgan … masters her disparate materials impressively … [the] novel unfolds like a work of paper-sharp origami to reveal its incredible secret” Times Literary Supplement

“Too tantalizing to resist.  Morgan’s novel … has a contemporary edge all of its own” Time Out

“Stuffed to bursting with good things … Past and present are very neatly plaited together” The Times

“Morgan manages that symphonic trick of weaving her parallel narratives into a spell-binding, effortlessly propulsive unity” Independent

“Woven into this ambitious brainteaser of a novel is the beginning of Nietzsche’s intense, obsessive relationship with Louise von Salomé in 1882, Woolf’s Pembrokeshire sojourn of 1908, and the origins of her first book … it is unashamedly intellectual and sensually written” Guardian

“A beautiful, haunting literary novel from an extraordinary talent … Looking at the lives of two academics through their passions for the philosopher Nietzsche and novelist Virginia Woolf, A Book for All and None, is highly accessible and thought provoking”.  Lovereading Novel of the Month


  An Affair of the Heart

“Far from the romantic collection the title suggests, Clare Morgan’s book of short stories, An Affair of the Heart, is an often uncomfortable look at love and desire in their many forms. No living happily ever after here. These stories mix the wonderfully everyday – a father pulling on a potentially ill-fitting sock watched by his daughter – with the unbearable – a furtively glimpsed view of domestic violence.

Morgan … is clearly a writer who has honed her art, comfortable with using the short story as a way to explore some of life’s more complex themes. Read her collection to have notions of love, desire and relationships challenged, not to enjoy a cosy evening on the sofa with a box of chocolates … These are savoury tid-bits, for a palette used to strong flavours.”
Michael Nobbs  (www.gwales.com, with the permission of the Welsh Books Council)


  What Poetry Brings to Business

“At last there is a book that explores the deep but unexpected connections between business and poetry. Clare Morgan … demonstrates how the creative energy, emotional power, and communicative complexity of poetry relate directly to the practical needs … that face business managers. There has never been a book on developing managerial potential quite like this one.”
Dana Gioia, former chairman of the U.S. National Endowment for the Arts

“Morgan, Oxford University director of creative writing, tackles the false opposition between art and commerce in this thorough and thoughtful attempt at making poetry accessible—even necessary—to businesspeople. Through a liberal application of her favorite poems, Morgan argues that the act of reading poetry changes the way the reader thinks, that bare facts are not enough to elicit good business decisions, and that the act of poetic deconstruction helps develop skills that are applicable to business. She speaks passionately about strategies of creativity and how poems “bridge the gap between knowing and perceiving because they use the highly differentiated, logic-driven structures of language to point to the undifferentiated area where emotions hold sway.” Publishers Weekly