Clare has used her extensive writing, teaching and mentoring experience to help many writers achieve their goals of improvement, exposure, and publication.  As part of her longstanding commitment to fostering writers of talent and commitment, Clare is currently undertaking a limited number of mentoring, coaching and literary  consultancy engagements.  If you are a writer of proven commitment, who is keen to see your work develop, then a one-off consultancy report, or a mentoring or coaching relationship, could be the vital next step in your writing career.

Clare offers guidance and advice on fiction (short and long), non-fiction and critical/ academic writing.  The advice she offers can be tailored to your needs – from line by line editing to suggestions on overall structure.

Where the writing shows exceptional promise, Clare may be able to suggest a literary agent from among her extensive contacts.

What is offered:

  • Literary Consultancy (Standard): a one-off reading and report on up to 10,000 words of work
  • Literary Consultancy (Enhanced): a one-off reading and report on up to 20,000 words of work and including one Skype discussion of 45 minutes
  • Mentoring: three month mentoring relationship including 3 reports on up to a total of 40,000 words of work and including three Skype discussions of 45 minutes
  • Coaching: an individually tailored relationship focusing on developing your writing capability and handling the challenges of the writing life

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